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Last Update: August 1, 2014


Richard Clayderman


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Welcome to Version II of the Delphine Artists website featuring a brand new look, more REAL AUDIO, new pictures, simplified navigation - and now without 'frames'.

This website features the work of all the Delphine Artists including:


   Debut Track

Jean Claude Borelly (Trumpet)

Dolannes Melodie

Nicolas de Angelis (Guitar)

Quelques notes pour Anna

Richard Clayderman (Piano)

Ballade pour Adeline

Diego Modena (Ocarina)

Song for Ocarina

Eric Couff (Cello)

Friends France

Fabrice Adams (Trumpet)



Note: Richard Clayderman has his own dedicated site at:


The Delphine company in one of the leading French music exporters to the world market.  It is also the only company specialising in instrumental music.  Nowadays, the Delphine group represent 15 companies dealing with various activities: an advertising film and clip production company, an agency for advertising and casting actors and a casting agency as well as two modeling agencies and a video game development company:

Delphine Software International


Navigation of the site

The artist links along the top of this page are shown on all pages and link to the respective homepages for each of the Delphine Artists.  From the Artist Homepages, you can access album pages and suppliers, media and Real Audio files.

Links to Richard Clayderman, (suppliers of a range of Delphine composed sheet music), Delphine Software International and further Artists websites can be found from the left side navigation.


We hope you enjoy the improvements and if you have any comments, please email using the link above.


Enjoy the musical world of Delphine! 

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