Title Jalouse (Toute la guitare)
  Serial No DED1039 (Rock Music, Taiwan)
4509990942 (Australia)
  Year 1985
  Label Delphine / Rock Records
  Status Available

Richard Clayderman

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It has been years since something original has been expressly written for the guitar, despite the instrument being the most loved and present in almost every household around the world.

In this album, "Toute la Guitare", Nicolas de Angelis wanted to break away from the "humdrum" of complications by interpreting ten new original melodies written especially for his guitar.

And if this album is called "Toute la Guitare" it is because Angelis has also interpreted five of the greatest guitar classics: "Jeux Interdits" ("Forbidden Games"), "Asturias", "Recuerdos de la Alhambra", "Capricho Arabe" and the celebrated "Concerto d'Aranjuez".




1 Nos Amous (Paul de Senneville)

2 Jealousy (Paul de Senneville)

3 Black Ballade (Paul de Senneville)
4 Juste Un Petit Coeur Qui Bat (Paul de Senneville)

5 A Tous Ceux Qu On Oublie (Paul de Senneville)
6 Les Gens Qui S'aimet (Paul de Senneville)
7 La Valsa (Paul de Senneville)
8 La Chanson De Pearla (Paul de Senneville)
9 Le Parfum Des Eglises (Paul de Senneville)

10 Implora (Guitare, Flute De Pan) (Paul de Senneville)

Plus grands succes de la guitare...

11 *Jeux interdits (Paul de Senneville)
12 *Asturias (Albeniz)
13 *Capricho Arabe (Tarrega)
14 *Recuerdos De La Alhambra (Tarrega)

15 Concerto d'Aranjuez* (Rodrigo Vidre)
  Arranged by Patrick Sigwalt and Marc Minier
*Arranged by Olivier Toussaint and Hervé Roy
Produced by Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint