Title Meilleur de la trompette
  Serial No DED2023
  Year 1998
  Label Rock Records
  Status Available

Richard Clayderman

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1 Dolannes melody (Paul de Senneville)

2 Spanish flee (Wetcher)

3 Moon river (Mancini)
4 Afrikaan beat
5 Il Silenzio
6 A taste like honey
7 The melody of rain
8 Rio bravo
9 Medley
10 The golden country of the doomsday

11 Broad road

12 Les rues de St. Tropez

13 The distant western country
14 Carius dance

15 Concerto de la mer (Toussaint/Lecoultre)

16 Happy George Brown
17 Under the gas-light
  18 Passagers
  19 La collegiela
  20 Your eyes
  21 Juernica
  22 Godfather
  23 Lambarda
  24 Rocky
  Arranged by Hervé Roy and Gérald Salesses
Produced by Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint