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Diego Modena was born in Argentina.  At the college of San Augustin in Buenos Aires, where he pursued his studies, music courses are mandatory.  For the majority of students the rudiments of music are only repetitious and painful lessons but for Diego such was the contrary as he instantly found his niche and completely at home.  At 12 years old he could perfectly read a score and impressively play the flute recorder.


While studying law he became acquainted with the "transverse" flute at the Conservatory of Music.  Continuing his studies he specialised in Andean flutes and other instruments native to the region like the ocarina, pan flute and the "quena".

At 21 he started his own group called "MAIZ" based on contemporary music and Argentinean folklore.  Surrounded by his five Argentinean musicians Diego Modena has toured the Capitals of South America, Italy, Sweden, Spain, France...

His talent, friendliness and outgoing personality have been his passport to many invitations offered by the Cultural Centres in Sweden and Holland requesting Diego to give lessons, play in concerts and participate in informal sessions with other jazz, jazz rock and jazz fusion musicians.

Delphine awaits

On a sunny afternoon of 1991 destiny steps into the life of Diego Modena.  By coincidence Paul de Senneville, the producer/composer of Richard Clayderman, stopped by the studio where Diego was recording in Paris.

Instant sparks flew and Paul de Senneville said "You are the musician that I've been searching for.  Come immediately into the next studio: I'm working on a song and I'm sure that we can do something good together".

In three days the title is clinched.  Song for Ocarina is born.  "Song for Ocarina" mixes pan flute, ocarina and cello married together in a reggae rhythm.

Ocarina Success

The first album entitled "Ocarina" appeared in the French album charts during a record 82 consecutive weeks i.e. 18 months with sales topping 1,900,000 units.

Internationally this album has achieved platinum status in Chili, Benelux, Spain : Gold in Colombia and Hungary not to mention excellent sales in South Africa, USA, Turkey, Taiwan, Germany...

Diego Modena is never seen without his long suitcase containing his most precious belongings of musical instruments.  Open the suitcase and you'll find mysterious looking flutes in all forms making unknown sounds. Their beauty is already calling to the world of music, that of Diego Modena.

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