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An Australian journalist wrote of Nicolas de Angelis in the Sydney newspapers, "Coaxing smile, Italian dark hair, French charm: everything about Nicolas de Angelis is pure seduction!... the size of his hands and the length of his fingers are impressive..."  Even with his talent, without this latter gift from nature, Nicolas de Angelis would be unable to perform the classical repertoire for which he was trained!

At the age of ten, Nicolas started the guitar with a teacher from the Paris Academy who first inspired his great love of the instrument.  "Without this difficult and rigorous training" says Nicolas, "I would have great problems when it comes to playing the apparently easier pieces."

At sixteen he belonged to a small group of very talented French musicians, among them Michel Berger.  From the age of eighteen, he lent his talent to many pop starts such as Julien Clerc, Sylvie Vartan and Fabienne Thibault, and soon became one of the most requested session musicians.

Song for Anna

Finally in 1981 he recorded his first solo LP, "Quelques Notes Pour Anna."  This album achieved Gold record sales within a few weeks,and paved the way for his further successes.  Nicolas de Angelis is now recognised as the hero of the French Romantic Guitar trend.  He has further recorded the following albums "Amour mon amour", "L'Espagnol", "Voyage", "Goa", "Grand Concert", "L'Amour Plein Coeur", "Soleil", and the latest "Toute La Guitare".

His aim is not to compete with his favourite maestros, but to create a new style all of his own.


Nicolas has given many concerts all over the world: in Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa and South America.  He travels thousands of miles every year.  "I have always lived and will always live for the guitar," he says, "even if I went to a desert island, I would take my guitar with me."

When he is not traveling, Nicolas lives on the outskirts of Paris with his wife, Evelyne, and his two daughters.  "I have my own studio where I keep all my guitars and where I work on my own everyday, but I like to know that the people I love best are nearby."

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