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With his fair hair, blue eyes and his height of 1.86 metres, Jean-Claude BORELLY cannot conceal his Scandinavian origins.

When I was 10", says Jean-Claude, I became really fascinated by the trumpet.  I had been given M. Andre and Duke Ellington records, and I had seen Dizzie Gillespie and Louis Armstrong on television.  Eventually, I had the opportunity to meet M. Ness, a well known trumpeter from the Paris Opera.  He was impressed by my devotion to the instrument and gave me intensive training".

"From the age of fourteen, I had trumpet lessons at the school of music in Paris."  When he was eighteen, Jean-Claude wanted to share his passion so he started teaching the trumpet to beginners at the school of music.

The '70s

During the '70s, Jean-Claude became fanatical about "rhythm and blues".  He was so fond of it that he did not hesitate to give up his classical studies and start playing in bands.  He says, "I was requested a great deal because I could play 'blues', 'rhythm & blues', 'jazz'.  At that time, I met several musicians and I also began playing studio sessions.

"Dolannes melody"

1975 was a turning point in Jean-Claude's life.  The recording of "Dolannes melody" was about to change his future.  This record very quickly went to N1 in the charts of most European countries, first in France, Switzerland, Belgium and then Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.  It was also N 1 in South America and, later, in Japan.

Jean-Claude would have preferred a less explosive launch into a solo career.  He says, "Everything moved so fast, I hardly had any time to do any real promotion work in all the countries where I was requested."  However, concerts were followed so quickly by TV shows, press and radio interviews that Jean-Claude's life was completely transformed.

With "Dolannes Melody", Jean-Claude Borelly managed to introduce a more modern trumpet style: a style which is his own.  Together with Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint (his composers/producers), he has developed a very melodious and romantic style of music.

The stage performer

Jean-Claude Borelly's greatest passion is playing on stage to a live audience.  He travels throughout Europe and South America with his musicians: keyboard players, rhythm and brass sections.  In Japan, his band is backed by a string section.  He enjoys giving a very varied concert, where his own hits are alternated with Classical themes as well as jazz and disco.

His home

Whenever Jean-Claude is not giving concerts around the world, he prefers to enjoy his free time at his home in Enghein les Bains, on the outskirts of Paris, or at his country house in the Normandy region.  In fulfilment of one of his greatest dreams, he has equipped the latter with a basement recording studio so that he can rehearse without disturbing the neighbours!

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