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The Delphine Artists web-site has been created and produced by Gary McCartney.  Following the success of the Richard Clayderman website, which has gained many millions of hits since its launch in December 1999, it was decided to create a "sister" site to Richard Clayderman-The Site. This would feature the music of all the other Delphine Artists.  

Many of you will have experienced the work of Nicolas de Angelis, Jean-Claude Borelly, Jean-Philippe Audin, Diego Modena and Eric Couff through the three Richard Clayderman / Delphine Artists albums.  However, this site also features the solo work of the artists and many Real Audio tracks are included, allowing you to experience the individual mastery of the Delphine Artists.

I would like to thank Lori Christensen, Tracey Hanks, Olivier Toussaint and Paul de Senneville of Delphine Productions, Paris for their continued support as well as each and every one of the Delphine Artists whose music will, no doubt, provide you with many hours of enjoyment.

Gary McCartney
June 2002

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